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Refurbished Pulleys

The CPS pulley refurbishment process is a cost-effective alternative to purchasing a new pulley in certain cases. Our in-house engineering team will strip down and analyse the pulley before providing a detailed report outlining the condition of the pulley and the components that require replacing. If the pulley is in a repairable condition the cost can be as little as a third of a new pulley for a “as new” reliable product.

Our refurbishment services include:

  • Complete strip down and cleaning of parts
  • Refurbishment viability report
  • Removal of old lagging
  • Third party non-destructive testing of shaft and shell
  • Re-machining if required
  • Re-lagging
  • Re-assembly of pulley with new locking elements, bearings assemblies etc
Pulley Lagging

Pulley shells are commonly lagged to protect the pulley face from wear and provide better traction to the belt. Applying the right lagging material is crucial to the performance of the pulley, life of your conveyor belting and the reliability of your system. CPS pulleys can be customised with a variety of lagging systems.

  • Hot vulcanized & cold bonded rubber in FRAS and non-FRAS
  • Hot vulcanized & cold bonded rubber backed ceramic in FRAS and non-FRAS
  • Direct bonded ceramic tiles
  • Hot cast Polyurethane - smooth, grooved and diamond pattern
  • Painted Steel