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From Production Week 5/6

8 months after commissioning our state-of-the-art, computer controlled injection moulding machines, we are now able to produce 127 (133), 152 (158) & 178 (181) Polyurethane rings for disc and impact rollers. In recent years, advanced polyurethanes have been developed that feature unique combinations of performance characteristics such as high impact strength with excellent heat resistance and good flexural properties. Next-generation polyurethanes are formulated with outstanding tear strength and elongation, excellent chemical, oil and abrasion/ wear resistance, good UV stability, and high impact strength.  The optimum material for disc vee and flat returns as well as impact rollers.

60 x 159Ø 6308 1800BW Vee disc returns heading to the Pilbara. Based on our R&D testing to ASTM G65 standard, CPS polyurethane wore 4 times slower than a standard steel shell. CPS polyurethane disc return rollers can be expected to yield a minimum life increase in the range of 100-300% over steel in areas of high wear, typically head/tail ends, shuttle/take-up areas and convex curves. CPS now produce a full range of PU disc vee & flat returns as well as impact rollers.
Click here to download our Polyurethane Disc Roller infosheet.

98 sets 1500BW 152Ø Yeloroll suspended vee returns almost ready for dispatch to NSW.

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