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CPS manufactures conveyor rollers using composite bearing housing technology (CBH™). This technology is now used to produce all our steel, aluminium, HDPE-GF, composite and Yeloroll (MPVC) conveyor rollers. Through innovation in design since 2003, we provide a complete range of rollers for light, medium and heavy-duty applications. Our unique design and manufacturing process results in a roller series manufactured to ensure optimum quality, reliability and durability. The roller construction and manufacture incorporate several unique features resulting in significant improvements over traditional rollers. The CBH™ range of rollers is suited to all applications.

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CPS Rollers Diagram

Steel Roller

(89 - 178 & 230Ø)

Unlike conventional steel rollers manufactured using welded end hubs, the CPS steel rollers are produced using our innovative composite bearing housing to ensure optimum quality, performance, reliability and durability. The benefits of CPS steel rollers include belt-friendly components (no pizza cutter), superior balance, high impact-resistance, and a shell which can be hot vulcanised, rubber lagged or galvanised for special applications.

CPS Steel Roller

Aluminium Low-Noise Roller

(89 - 178Ø)

CPS aluminium rollers are manufactured using a high-quality alloy tube. Due to the quality of our tube and housings, the TIR (Total Indicated Run-out) and MIS (Maximum Indicated Slope) of our aluminium roller is naturally low; providing value to our customers. The standard balance of our aluminium rollers complies with ISO1940-1 G16. Our aluminium rollers are a reliable lightweight, low-noise option; used extensively on the fast, high tonnage coal loading terminal conveyors.

CPS Aluminium Low-Noise Roller

Steel Low Noise Roller

(89 - 178Ø)

Low-noise steel rollers have the same extremely tight balance, surface finish, and TIR requirements of weigh rollers. This not only reduces noise, but also the reciprocating forces on the roller bearings and nearby structure - enhancing roller reliability and sustainably reducing power requirements. CPS has spent the last 8 months on new low-noise manufacturing methods with outstanding results; namely, the quietest rollers tested at TUNRA in almost ten years (June 2016). Other low-noise options, subject to the application, are Yeloroll, HDPE GF and Aluminium.

CPS Steel Low-Noise Roller

Steel Hybrid FRAS Roller

(127 - 178Ø)

Specifically manufactured for underground coal mining safety, using a steel shell and the CPS FRAS approved Composite Bearing Housing technology, the Steel Hybrid FRAS Roller provides the safety benefit of the belt-friendly, optimal performing sealing arrangement in conjunction with a traditional steel shell. Ideally suited to high moisture or dusty applications where bearing sealing performance is paramount, steel hybrid FRAS rollers are available as individual rollers or in suspended sets with an additional low-noise option.

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CPS Steel Hybrid FRAS Roller

Yeloroll Roller

(114 - 203Ø)

Manufactured using a specifically formulated modified PVC shell, Yeloroll rollers are 40% lighter than equivalent steel idlers, providing occupational health and safety benefits and significantly reduced noise levels. Other innovative, value-adding benefits include being belt-friendly, highly corrosion-resistant, non-magnetic, impact-resistant, low breakaway mass and generating significantly less carry-back. Yeloroll is an excellent all-round polymer roller which has been in production for over 15 years with outstanding results.

CPS Yeloroll Roller

Yeloroll HD Roller

(127 - 245Ø)

This ‘Heavy Duty’ fibre reinforced, high-density polyethylene shell has increased strength, stiffness, creep resistance, dimensional stability and 3 times better abrasion resistance than other polymer shell rollers. A durable, naturally low-noise roller, 35% lighter than a conventional steel roller, the innovative Yeloroll HD is an excellent alternative to plain steel flat or vee return rollers on dirty belts; providing occupational health and safety benefits as well as great value.

Polyurethane Composite Disc Roller

(133, 159,181 & 203Ø)

This innovative lightweight Polyurethane Composite Disc Roller has been designed by CPS to specifically provide a safe, reliable solution when dealing with return rollers on the underside of the belt. Manufactured using a composite shell, highly wear-resistant polyurethane discs and HDPE spacers, the Polyurethane composite disc roller reduces the weight by up to 60% compared to an equivalent steel disc roller, providing significant occupational health and safety benefits. Value-adding operational benefits include belt-friendly components (no pizza cutting) and corrosion-resistance with significantly reduced carry-back on the belt.

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CPS Polyurethane Composite Disc Roller

Polyurethane Cleaning Roller

(140 & 165Ø)

Polyurethane cleaning rollers are manufactured using highly wear-resistant polyurethane spiral rings which prevent and assist in cleaning off sticky carry-back from the belt. These rollers offer a maintenance-free solution to conveyor belt cleaning and tracking as an alternative to plain steel or disc flat and vee return rollers.

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Standard Range.

CPS Polyurethane Cleaning Roller

Rubber Impact Roller

(133, 159, 181 & 203Ø)

CPS manufactures a complete range of light, medium and heavy-duty impact rollers; using a heavy-duty steel shell, a range of robust rubber discs and the CPS multi-labyrinth sealing arrangement to ensure optimum performance reliability and durability. Impact rollers are used in conveyor loading and transfer point applications to protect the belt where lump material is dropped from height in the transfers, which can cause damage to the belt. Rubber impact rollers are also available using FRAS rubber rings.

CPS Rubber Impact Roller

Polyurethane Full Sleeve Impact Roller

(133, 159, 181 & 203Ø)

Manufactured using a heavy-duty steel shell and innovative highly wear-resistant polyurethane. The full-face polyurethane impact roller is an excellent, longer-lasting alternative to bullnose or impact rubber disc rollers installed on high-impacting conveyor loading and transfer points. Ideal for applications where rubber disc rollers fail due to wear and rubber ring elongation, these rollers are also available in Fire-Resistant Polyurethane.

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CPS Polyurethane Full Sleeve Impact Roller

Rubber Disc Roller

(133 & 159Ø)

Manufactured using a steel shell and rubber discs, the rubber disc roller offers a maintenance-free solution in areas where return rollers are failing regularly due to carry-back and shell wear. Rubber disc rollers are a good alternative to plain steel rollers on the return side.

CPS Rubber Disc Roller

Polyurethane Disc Roller

(133, 159 & 181Ø)

Manufactured using a steel shell and highly wear-resistant polyurethane discs, polyurethane is an even longer lasting solution than Rubber Disc Rollers, providing value in areas where return rollers are failing regularly due to carry-back and shell wear. They are also an excellent alternative to plain steel and rubber disc flat or vee return rollers in critical high-wear areas; such as the head and tail end.

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CPS Polyurethane Disc Roller

Weigh Roller

(89 - 178Ø)

Weigh quality rollers are a vital part of the conveyor weigh scales to ensure minimal vibration and provide maximum accuracy. These specialised rollers are machined accurately to 0.05 TIR (Total Indicator Run-out) and a 3.2 µm surface finish, with a maximum imbalance of 0.014 Nm/Roll and balance quality G16 as per ISO 1940-1. Other weigh roller options are Yeloroll, HDPE GF and Aluminium, with all shaft ends fitted with jacking screws for fine tuning adjustments.

CPS Weigh Roller

Anti Rollback Roller


The CPS anti-rollback conveyor roller is a one-directional roller, fitted with a patented internal safety device designed to prevent an inclined conveyor from running backwards in the event of belt snap, power outage and/or during splicing activity. Steep gradient conveyor belts are an ideal application for the CPS anti-rollback roller. Available utilising steel, aluminium or HDPE-GF shells.

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CPS Anti Rollback Roller