Reporting in from Mina de Cobre Panama

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Reporting in from Mina de Cobre Panama

Reporting in from the Panamanian jungle - only 120k's from Panama City, which is a 5 hour bus ride, and no city in sight.

While CPS gear up for EOFY, yet another project is in full swing. It's quite something to see and walk a few conveyors that contain some of the +60,000 rollers that left our plant in Perth over a year ago. Most of the conveyors are now in live commissioning or handed over to operations/maintenance. Barring a couple of minor issues, the comments from site are extremely positive.

The Commissioning Manager told me yesterday that after his last projects (Africa and Russia), he never wanted to see an idler again, they had that many issues. Nine months into his stint here, and he's yet to be bothered by CPS idlers at all! It is an incredible sight to see a mine of this scale, with virtually 100% CPS idler products - the conveyors are genuinely the quietest I've walked in years!

What a sense of pride to be part of such a successful project execution.

CPS Mina de Cobre Panama

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