Outstanding first half to 2017

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Outstanding first half to 2017

Some interesting facts to June.

The CPS team are now producing the same number of rollers in a single shift that took three shifts at the height of the mining boom.

CPS Warehouse Roller Storage

If you laid all the rollers manufactured in the first half of year end to end, it would equate to the length of 487 AFL football fields.

CPS Polymer Shell Rollers

Total Polymer Shell length 22100 m

CPS Steel Shell Rollers

Total Steel Shell length 69891 m


Total Steel Shaft 635 ton

CPS Overland Conveyor Onsite

CPS manufactured in the region of 40 km worth of conveyors.

Thank you to every department in CPS who work tirelessly to improve business processes, product quality, new technology and innovation so we can deliver sustainable value to our partners.

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