From Production Week 45/46

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From Production Week 45/46

76  x 900BW 152Ø Yeloroll Weightometer rollers with 316 Stainless Steel Shafts packed and dispatched to Indonesia. Excessive corrosion in the process plant was causing the existing steel rollers to go out of balance within weeks. The CPS Solution - a combination of polymer shell  and stainless steel workings. The rollers are now only replaced every 3 to 5  years and more importantly the weightometers being accurate 100% of the time.

CPS Impact Tubes
134 x 708 FW 181Ø  Impact tubes being precision machined and made ready for assembly.

CPS Rubber Lagged Rollers
57 x 945FW 164Ø 6mm rubber lagged rollers. A vulcanised rubber to metal bond is significantly stronger than a glued on or cold bond resulting in a much higher quality product. CPS only hot vulcanise for superior quality and increase service life.

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