From Production Week 43/44

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From Production Week 43/44

64 x 1859 FW 152Ø 6306 specials being packaged for an urgent requirement in Brisbane. 3 days from PO received to dispatch.

CPS Bullnose Impact Rollers
108 x 525 FW 181Ø 21308 Bullnose impacts. Not your standard size for a heavy duty application. But CPS manufacture to order makes anything possible.

CPS Low Noise Roller Manufacturing
568 x 631 FW 178Ø Low noise rollers going through one of the balancing stations. During testing earlier this year our CPS machined steel rollers were roughly 0.5dBA quieter than the machined reference rolls at TUNRA. This is the first time in ten years of testing that the reference idler rolls have been bettered.

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