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From Production Week 26

168 x 1048 FW 152Ø low noise rollers going through one of the balancing stations.
CPS has spent the last 8 months on new low noise manufacturing methods with outstanding results. From the TUNRA test report this week:
"Interestingly, CPS Conveyors' machined steel idler rolls were roughly 0.5dBA quieter than the machined reference rolls, against which all idler rolls are compared and, though several conveyor idler roll sets have come close, this is the first time in nearly ten years of testing that the reference idler rolls have been bettered."

CPS Yeloroll HD Shells Delivery

Our first commercial delivery "Yeloroll HD" - a new shell 4 years in the making, tried and tested. Available in 178 & 152, this "Heavy Duty" fibre reinforced polymer has increased our abrasion resistance by 3 times.

CPS Yeloroller QA Check

TIR quality check on 60 x 550 FW 178Ø Yeloroll weightometer rollers fitted with 316 stainless steel shafts shipping to Indonesia. Machined to 0.05 TIR and balanced to ISO 1940-1 G16.

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