From Production Week 25

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From Production Week 25

The first injection moulded hubs waiting for QA checks from our recently installed plant. A very exciting week in the CPS journey. The plant has been commissioned and will be in full production by mid-July. We will run a news story on the project next month.


CPS Yeloroll rollers for Victoria 249 x 336 FW 152Ø Yeloroll rollers bound for Victoria.
A CPS innovation from 13 years ago and still very much in production. Yeloroll is 40% lighter than equivalent steel idlers, providing OH&S benefits, and significantly reduced noise levels.
Stay tuned for our 2016 innovation "Yeloroll HD" - a new shell 4 years in the making, tried and tested. Going into full production in week 26.


CPS Bullnose Impact Rollers
56 x 568 FW 152Ø Bullnose Impact rollers ready for assembly and the despatch for a week 27 shutdown. CPS manufacture a full range of rubber impact rollers. 133, 158, 181, 202 diameters. 

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