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From Production week 22 to 25

CPS HD Yelorolls for QLD

300 x 900BW 127Ø HD Yeloroll destined for Qld to be used in a low noise application.
Yeloroll is by far the most economical conveyor roller to use in low noise applications reducing noise pollution levels by up to half and in some applications even more.
A combination of the polymers ability to absorb vibration, balanced to ISO 1940-1 G16 and machined to .05 TIR all equate to the optimum low noise roller. Silence is golden.

CPS Warehouse Yelorolls

70 x 1400BW 152Ø HD Yeloroll also for a low noise application but with the added benefit of reduced carryback of the fines from the underside of the belt.

CPS Shafts for PU Disc Return Rollers

272 x 945FW 40Ø shafts 6308 brg ready to be assembled into PU disc return rollers. 

CPS Weigh Idler Frames

Two sets of 1600BW weigh idler frames just back from the galvanisers waiting for final QA checks before packaging with the rollers.
CPS design, engineer and fabricate a full range of weightometer idlers and  have a specialist production line for weigh quality rollers all manufactured to our ISO 9001 quality management system.


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