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From Production week 21

CPS Pilbara OLC Project Onsite

Week 21 we said goodbye to the last of our current Pilbara OLC project.

CPS Carry Frames, Rollers, Return Frames, Return Rollers
4450 Carry Frames, 13500 Carry Rollers, 1100 Return Frames, 2200 Return Rollers.

CPS Warehouse Pallets
Delivered right, in full, on time.

CPS Overland Conveyor Pilbara Onsite

The end result.  An 8.6 km overland conveyor designed, engineered and manufactured in Western Australia and completed in 12 weeks.
An outstanding effort from the RCR, CPS and R&R teams. Thanks RCR  for the opportunity and to all the  teams for the effort and hard work that made this happen.
Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.

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