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ERP Roll-out

On the 1st of May 2016 CPS went live with our new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. M1 by ECi Software Solutions is specifically designed for manufacturing companies and covers the entire business from quoting through to invoicing and everything in between. Having strong software processes allows the business to grow through continuous improvement and ensure all products are Delivered Right, In Full and On-Time.

All CPS parts are now issued with a unique ID which allow parts to hit production with just a few clicks from order entry. Through M1 a customer's or supplier's transaction history is readily available, ensuring timely quotations, consistent quality and in-depth job tracking. The software provides CPS the foundation for our expected growth and unifies the company to a central platform.

Congratulations to the CPS M1 execution team and all members of  staff for effortlessly implementing the change. Your work speaks volumes of the kind of team you are - efficient, organized and result-oriented.

Pursuing excellence is not a one time job. It is "The CPS Way" of life. Well done!

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