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Conveyor Design and Auditing

As part of our conveyor partner philosophy, CPS partners with conveyor operators, construction groups and other designers to safely provide quality conveyor design solutions and auditing. CPS operates the Helix Delta-T dynamic software package for general conveyor design projects. We can also use client-specific software, such as Sidewinder or BeltAnalyst, on request. CPS has access to both our own and external testing facilities for use in confirming data for use in developing specific solutions.

CPS conveyor design services include:

  • Greenfields conveyor design and costing
  • Conveyor tonnage and speed upgrade calculations
  • Conveyor operation auditing
  • Materials handling plant throughput studies
  • Distributed Drive System implementation
  • Load zone upgrades and retrofits
  • Balanced machine weight optimisations
  • Pulley and idler design optimisation
  • Overland conveyor mechanical optimisation
CPS Conveyor Design Render

CPS Conveyor Design