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CPS opened for business in 2003 in a small factory in Welshpool, Perth under the name Yeloroll. The directors, Alan Douglas and Mike Einhorn, were committed to changing the bulk materials handling market from the beginning by introducing the first polymer roller to the Australian market.

Since then, CPS has grown to become world leaders in innovative conveyor manufacturing and technology.

With over 130 dedicated employees, state-of-the-art facilities and continuous product improvements, CPS now ships it’s products across the globe, while successfully fulfilling all client
and partner requirements, big or small.


CPS - Your Conveyor Partner

The CPS Way
Our Facility
The CPS Way

At CPS, people are our most important asset. We recognise that developing a preferred partner relationship with our clients is essential to ensuring effective teamwork  to deliver sustainable value. The CPS Way is an integrated process that enables an action-orientated, high-performance organisation focussed on innovation, sustainability and safety.

Our Values ( STRIDE )


We work safely and help to keep those working with us safe.


We strive for positive relationships built on delivery and reputation.


Our interactions are respectful and positive.


We conduct every action with strong moral principles and honesty.


We are committed to every task and persevere through any obstacles.


We strive to bring enthusiasm and engagement to our workplace.

The CPS Way

Our Facility

Our Facility

At CPS, we focus on working smarter not harder; both at the Capex and Opex levels. Using the quality principles of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), CPS has been able to significantly improve both the capacity and reliability of operations. This was achieved by focusing on each element of OEE in a disciplined and systematic way, with an inter-department team.

The plant handles roller orders from 1 to 50,000 rollers at any time. Our innovative Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) manages all processes within the business, allowing efficient manufacture of customer-specific parts in any volume. Standard orders follow an automated workflow in the office, with manufacturing starting in minutes not days from order receipt. Total roller plant capacity is over 1,200 rollers per shift.

The Perth manufacturing plant is highly automated; with significant investment in custom-built equipment to process roller components safely, quicker and to higher, more repeatable quality standards. As we begin to understand the synergy which automation allows in other processes, the cadence of these projects is increasing - CPS is adding capacity and improving efficiency with even bigger projects. Our first 6-axis robot helps our skilled technicians produce the best product for our customers and partners, safely in the shortest time possible.

The CPS pulley facility was opened in January 2018, with the capacity to produce up to 350 pulleys per year of up to 2.5m diameter, with all machining and assembly operations handled in-house.

CPS Facility Equipment

CPS Warehouse



CPS has a commitment to quality that has resulted in the development of an ISO 9001 accredited quality system focused on absolute customer satisfaction, and a relentless pursuit of continuous innovation. To that end, CPS has implemented quality checks and continuous innovation processes throughout our business, ensuring that not just the final assembly, but every component is manufactured to specification and performs as expected. All employees are encouraged and expected to provide innovations to improve the quality and performance of our products.

The quality assurance system is made up of three key activities as follows: 

1. Motivation and training of employees

CPS has a strong teamwork ethic, supported by a world-class visual workplace system. Each member of the CPS team is aligned to the vision and objectives of the company and participates in progress against balanced key performance indicators. Training and multi-skilling of suitably qualified operators is an important focus.

2. Component, product and process inspections:

As part of our quality control system, measurements of products and processes occur continuously throughout the facility. This ensures that any variation is detected as soon as it occurs, with a focus on achieving a “right first time” production environment.

  • Scheduled automatic and manual measurements of parts
  • Go/No-Go gauging throughout the factory
  • Logs of measurements taken on parts to ensure traceability
  • Logs of machine performance over time to preempt machinery-induced quality variation
  • Visual workplace and lean production system to ensure that unexpected changes are obvious before they become problems
  • Random supervisor inspections, measurements and evaluations throughout the manufacturing process
3. Product and component performance testing

CPS has a fully-equipped test lab with the ability to run various tests on finished rollers and components. Tests ensure that rollers and components perform as expected and as required; assisting in continuous innovation via research, development and improvement of our products and processes.

  • Rim drag and start up drag testing
  • Loaded roller dynamic testing
  • Static load-to-failure testing capability
  • Complex dimensional measurement
  • Dynamic balance testing
  • Elevated temperature measurements and thermal behaviour safety investigation

CPS also has partnerships with renowned labs, both within the conveyor industry and outside of it, allowing us to perform more complex testing as required.

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CPS Rollers

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